Advantages of sleeping on Gel Mattress


It is common knowledge that certain kinds of foam mattresses tend to trap heat within their layers. Since there is no way for heat to escape the system, it gets recirculated to the top making you feel stuffy and sweaty.

Fairly a new concept in the market, gel mattresses or gel infused mattresses are gaining ground in the mattress world.

Heat Regulation

The gel layer or gel bead infusion, unlike the mattress, if free flowing. It has the capacity to increase air flow and disperse heat radiated from the body and absorbed by the mattress. The flow of air is created by special open-cell-formulation technology. The heat taken in by the gel layer is dissipated as it circulates, keeping your body cool.


Interface pressure reduction

For those of us who like sleeping on our sides, the surface area in contact with the mattress is reduced. This is inversely proportional the pressure exerted on our body and our spine and causes pain and stiffness the next morning. The gel mattress is cushy and helps spread out the pressure evenly, giving you a more comfortable sleeping experience.


Motion Isolation

Sleep can be disturbed even if the mattress keeps cool but your spouse or partner changes positions too often. In spring mattresses with a continuous coil, motion and movement from one end of the mattress is easily transferred to the other end. With the gel topper or gel based technology, the motion is isolated and contained, so that you get a good night’s rest even though your partner is tossing around.

Gel mattresses come in a variety of models. Here are some of the common ones in the market.

Gel memory foam mattress

This mattress is first and foremost a memory foam mattress. The gel infusion could either be in the top comfort layer as well as a few layers beneath, or infused as gel beads throughout the mattress foam.

The greatest advantage of gel technology with memory foam is that you get the best of both worlds. Memory foam gives your body support and comfort, while the gel layers keep you cool and ventilated.


Gel Foam Mattress toppers

If you already have a memory foam mattress that’s fairly new and well within its replacement period, you could opt for a gel topper. This essentially gives you all the benefits of a normal gel memory foam mattress when combined with your existing one.


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