How to configure a new GPS for your car?


Have you just purchased a new GPS for your car? Do you need help in configuring the new GPS system? I did not have a GPS system in my car and was always looking out to buy one. Finally, last month, I purchased a brand new GPS system for my car. After buying, I decided to configure it myself as I wanted to learn how to do it on my own.

According to multiple GPS reviews, there are actually two kinds of GPS systems- one is battery powered which is easy to install whereas the other one is vehicle powered which is a bit difficult to configure. The first step is to insert your SIM card into the GPS device you just bought.

After inserting the SIM card into my GPS device, I switched on the GPS device and kept it in a secure place in my car. To avoid annoying signal problems, I made sure there are no other electronic devices close to the GPS device.

Now, for setting up GPS device to send and receive data, I went through the manual. I have read in many websites that it is better to follow the instructions given in the manual for configuring GPS. After setting up the GPS system, the next step is to install the software that is usually available with the GPS system in your laptop. You can also download the latest version by providing the unique GPS ID to install in your Smartphone.

One point to note here is that your laptop or computer should have a GPS modem for linking with the GPS system. Now, follow the instructions given in the instruction manual to manage the GPS system using your laptop or Smartphone.

If you are going for a vehicle powered GPS system, then there are some additional points to configure. There will be many wires present when you connect a GPS system that is vehicle powered. You need to ensure the wires are not in those areas where it can get pinched. Keep the GPS antenna in the windshield of the vehicle. Keep it as flat as possible to get the maximum signal. You should choose a power lead that can constantly supply a power of 12 volts. If the power goes beyond 9 volts, there are chances of your GPS system getting damaged.

I was able to successfully install GPS system by following the instructions given in the manual and keeping in mind the points mentioned above. I would recommend you to read the instructions in the manual once before you start installing the GPS system on your own.