Why I don’t recommend convertible car seats


When my daughter was born I was unsure about what kind of things I would need for her. So, I made sure to spend minimum on the fancy baby items that are available in the market. I never wanted to get things just for the sake of purchasing for my baby and stuffing her room with all sort of gadgets.

Even after being so careful about needs of my daughter I ended up with many things that seem to be really useless. One of these is a convertible car seat gifted by one of my friends. I tried to use it many times while travelling. I always felt uncomfortable to place my daughter in this robust looking but uncomfortable car seat.

One thing I really dislike about it is that it is fixed. It has to be fixed in the car to use it and once fixed you cannot detach it at will. Its versatility ends in the car. I appreciate a baby basket that can be easily picked up and carried to any place.

When my daughter was three months old, she was really tiny in physique. She could not stay in the car seat as such, without help of some extra cushions. So, I had to buy a regular car seat to travel with her.

The most disappointing thing is the harness. It is same for a toddler as well as for a kid. The harness can be adjusted, but only to a certain extent. It is too loose for a tiny baby and too tight for an older kid. So, it was not of much help at any stage of my daughter’s childhood.

It is always in upright position, so it is not very comfortable for the babies. If you want them to lie down and sleep during a long drive, you will really be unhappy with the limit posed by the upright position.

Though it was a gift, but still I am pretty dissatisfied with the utility of this car seat. I don’t think that the huge price tag attached to the convertible car seat is justified considering its features.


I have used other furniture and gadgets for my daughter like a crib and a stroller, but somehow I am not very content with the utility of a convertible car seat. You may have a difference of opinion but, I would always recommend a regular car seat than a convertible car seat. Still if you are looking to acquire a convertible car seat here a few resources I recommend:

a. Babycenter

b. Bestconvertiblecarseats2017.com

c. Consumer Reports