Features you should look for in a hair dryer


Hair dryer is a wise investment for both women and men who care about their hair. Hair dryer not only helps your hair to dry fast after a shower, but also lets you style your hair. Currently you can find many varieties of hair dryers in the market. Which is the best one for you? Read along to find the cue to get a good hair dryer.

When I went to buy a hair dryer for myself, I clearly knew what features I preferred it to have. Here are some features I checked for in my hair dryer.

What hair type do you have? Different hair types require different setting of heat for drying. Thick hair needs high range of heat for drying, whereas thin hair requires less amount of heat. For curling your hair, cool shoot feature in the hair dryer is preferable.

Noise-yes hair dryers do make noise if you purchase a low priced one. A professional hair dryer will make less noise as compared to a budget or low end hair dryer. So, before you decide what hair dryer you need, think about how much noise you can handle.

Most people prefer easy to use, lightweight hair dryers. If your hair is thin, then you won’t need to use the hair dryer for long. So, even if your new dryer is a bit heavy, it is fine. But, if your hair is thick, then it becomes really difficult to use a hair dryer that has weight for long duration. Therefore, weight and user friendliness are two features you need to consider when buying a hair dryer.

Dryer attachments are also an important feature to consider if you are someone planning to use the hair dryer for styling purpose. Diffusers and Concentrators are two important attachments you need when using a hair dryer for styling.

Once you are sure about the features that are given above, the next confusing part will be deciding whether to buy a ceramic or ionic technology hair dryer. There is also a third type called tourmaline hair dryer to add to your confusion. Ceramic hair dryers provides you with extra shine and protect your hair from being damaged, whereas ionic hair dryers work on the principle of negative ions. They take lesser time to dry your hair and hence are better for your hair. Tourmaline hair dryer intensifies the principle of negative ions and also provides your hair with extra shine.

So, next time when you go out to buy a hair dryer, think about the features discussed here, and I am sure you will be able to choose a good hair dryer the way I was able to do.

Also, if you want to buy a good model I suggest reading some online blow dryer reviews.