I’m so happy I bought a camcorder

I love filmmaking and was planning to shoot a short film produced by a friend. Even though we both loved DSLR, we were sure that we would use a good camcorder for shooting our first short film. Yes, it is true that the popularity of the camcorder has come down in the last couple of years. But, if you are planning to shoot films for hobby, it requires you to shoot moving objects.  You surely need a good quality camcorder for such endeavors.

When we decided to buy a camcorder for our first short film, many of our friends advised against it saying that the camcorder is not an in-thing. But the Spielberg in us knew exactly what we wanted. We turned a deaf ear to them and went ahead with our decision to buy a good camcorder.

High end camcorders have so many features and options to capture amazing and high quality videos that no DSLR or Smartphone can offer as of now. Don’t take me in the wrong sense. Yes, there are many DSLRs and Smartphones which record high quality videos, but the advantage of the camcorder is that it is specifically designed for video recording; hence it provides you with numerous options to let your dream come true in form of stunning videos.


Another advantage of the camcorder is that its capability to record clear audio is excellent when compared to DSLR and Smartphone. For recording a short film, the camera has to get high quality audio recording. Most camcorders have built in microphones and other features for recording good quality audios.

Autofocus is a very important feature to have in a camera for my hobby. The camcorder that we bought has very good autofocus capability and handles auto exposure easily.  It is difficult to find this feature in a DSLR or Smartphone.

Memory is another point to consider. Even though camcorders have less internal memory compared to DSLR and Smartphone, they support connecting hard drive and hence you can store big videos easily. It is very important to have enough storage space when you are recording HD videos.

Canon XA10, a high end camcorder for Youtube videos is used by professionals, offers everything you need in a great camcorder. We are really happy that we bought it even though it cost us fifty percent of our one month’s salary. If you are serious about quality recording and audio and want to shoot professionally looking videos, then we recommend you to go for a professional camcorder.