Point and shoot cameras are very good right now


Many people these days prefer to use a Smartphone camera instead of a point and shoot camera. Even though there is a huge battle going on between point and shoot cameras and camcorders, there is no doubt in my mind that compared to a Smartphone’s camera, a point and shoot camera is a better and safer option.

Yes, it is right that many Smartphone companies are coming with excellent quality cameras for taking pictures, but if you look at the overall performance, I still believe a point and shoot camera can beat them all, even if it is by a narrow margin. Of course you have to be willing to pay a higher price for getting the best point and shoot camera for your needs.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of a point and shoot camera. A dedicated point and shoot camera offers better lens and controls as they are designed specifically for clicking clear pictures. The quality of the picture taken in a point and shoot camera looks good not only when you are viewing it on the camera screen, but also when you transfer it to your laptop, post it on a social network site or when you take a print of it. Camcorders and Smartphones are able to take quality stills, but when you transfer it to your laptop or take a print, it does not look great. The sharpness in the image will be missing.

Optical zoom is a feature that is very important when you are taking pictures. A good zoom lens is a must to have feature as it brings distant object closer. You cannot expect this feature in a Smartphone, even though there are some Smartphones that offer optical zoom now. But still, they are no match to the optical zoom option available in a good point and shoot camera.

Have you ever tried to capture a moving object with your Smartphone? How do the images look when you maximize it? In my experience, one of the advantages of the point and shoot camera is that it can take quality images of moving objects. In other words, the quality of the image of a football match taken using a point and shoot camera will be better compared to the image taken using a high end Smartphone.

Storage is a very important point to consider and that’s another area where a point and shoot camera scores. Most point and shoot cameras supports 8 GB to 64 GB memory card that is dedicated for storing images and videos.

If you are confused whether to buy a point and shoot camera, I will recommend you to buy one if you are going to use it on a regular basis. It is a good investment.