A radar detector that is good for city driving


A radar detector is a must have gadget for your car. It not only saves you from speed tickets, but also provides you with a sense of comfort and relief when driving in the city. I spend approximately 3 to 4 hours in the city every day driving my car as my office is located at the heart of the city. Therefore, when I decided to buy a radar detector, I wanted one that is specifically designed for city driving.

Today, you can find good radar detectors at a price around $400. They have the option to switch to city mode so that you don’t get false alarms. When you switch the mode to city mode, the device will limit the sensitivity so that it does not generate a false alarm.

If you have a radar detector that is not up to the standard, when you change the mode to city, the sensitivity will become so low that it will not detect certain radar guns used by traffic police in the city. So, you will end up paying speed tickets even when you have a radar detector installed in your car.

When I went to the shop to buy a radar detector, the first thing I told the salesperson was that I need a model that would give optimum performance while I am in city. After checking various models, I selected the Beltronics GT-7. It is the most affordable radar detector you can get having extreme radar detecting capability.  


Beltronics GT-7 is a wonder gadget to have in your car. It can easily alert you about red-light cameras, speed traps and highway patrol. When you are in a city, you need to turn the mode to “Auto No X” to get the maximum benefit. It will give you only positive alerts and remove all false ones. It has got a clear digital display and smarter vocal alarms that make it one of the best in this price range.

If price is not a constraint for you, I would recommend you to go for Beltronics GT-7, the best city drive radar detector. It offers you excellent performance, a complete no-false alarm and world class protection against red-lights and speed traps. What more do you need when you are driving in high traffic city roads? At $350, it is the best radar detector you can buy for driving on the city roads. And Beltronics GT-7 works well on highways too; all you need to do is to change the mode to “Highway”.