A few tips for using a flat iron safely


Safe use of any electrical devices is more essential than you think. This goes twice for a flat-iron, since you’re operating a gadget which generates heat as well as runs on electricity. Most flat-irons come with an auto-switch off for the heating paddles when the surfaces get too hot. But if you’re not careful while using it, you may end up getting a nasty burn or damage your hair beyond repair.

Flat-iron temperature settings

Flat-irons are meant to be hot. Hot enough to flatten your hair, and not melt metal! Some of the irons you get in the market today are extremely heavy duty and salon-professional. They’re meant to be used by trained stylists who clients’’ treat hair with heat-resistant products. Since these irons are available to everyone, it is important to know just how much heat your hair can withstand.

Hairs are unique for different people and vary in texture and thickness. Curly, coarse, and thick hair needs more heat than thin and wavy hair. It is advisable to do a small patch test on a bit of hair for heat tolerance.


Hair preparation

Most people ignore the part of preparing hair to be treated with a flat-iron. Conditioning one’s hair after shampooing and blow-drying to get hair dry, is mandatory if you want to achieve salon straight but smooth and glossy hair.

Applying any sort of heat to hair continuously, leaves hair devoid of natural moisture. Dry and frayed ironed hair may look straight, but lifeless and unhealthy. Coating your hair with heat resistive conditioners and lotions reduces much of the damage caused due to ironing and blow drying. Post straightening serums are also necessary, if you want the hair to remain looking straight after cooling.  Remember not to use too much of styling product.

Choosing the right flat-iron

Not all flat irons for short hair deliver the same type of styling that your hair requires. Knowing your hair texture will help you choose the best type of iron for you.

From ceramic and metal paddles, to curved surfaces or straight tongs, hair straighteners come in various styles and shapes. Choosing the right iron also depends on the type of styling you want to achieve.


Safe operation

At the end of the day, the flat-iron is an electrical machine and should be treated with the same care you take when you change a bulb, or when you plug in a socket. Do not operate your iron when you’re on a wet bathroom floor.

Do not leave your iron on fabric like your bed or pillow! Ensure that after each use, you leave the iron hanging far from anything combustible till it cools. Allow the iron to cool completely before stowing it away.